Monday, February 20, 2012

Early spring fashions at Rainbow in Delmont Village

From floral and femme to lacy and lethal, the Rainbow at Delmont Village in Baton Rouge has something for just about every taste. Their early spring fashions have hit the stores just in time for Valentine's Day and its lingering romance, Mardi Gras and Easter. Below, are a few items that stood out among the crowd at Rainbow. In this article's slideshow are some of the hottest fashion's that Rainbow has in stores right now.

White Ruffled Floral Spring Dress

This dress is so versatile. It is short enough to be worn as a top and yet long enough to still be worn as a dress. Whether on Easter Sunday or a romantic lunch date, this dress is a vision of loveliness.

Floral Rock Spring Dress

The Floral Rock Spring Dress is a taste of sweet, tangy and spicy! This strapless number come with a black ruched, studded belt that gives it enough punch for any rock concert or club date while also allowing the wearer to play it understated without the belt.

Rock 'N' Roses

Bubblegum pink is one of the hottest colors for spring while animal prints never lost their growl. Rainbow proudly displays this with bubblegum pink leopard print fitted pants and a bubblegum pink tank accented with a black floral design and trim.

White ruffled lace and sequin tank top

This tank top screams 80's Jovan Musk commercial and Madonna. This top is another top that is equally romantic as it is edgy. For the versatile femme fatale whose feeling dainty as well as daring, this is just the right top.