Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deep in the Closet

Welcome to Deep in the Closet. This is a journey into the annals of time, space, and basically the back, the bottom and top of my closet. Hopefully, this will inspire others to reach in the back of their closets and get creative.  I keep up with the latest trends and I also keep favorite trends. A good look is a good look. The first installment of Deep in the Closet will be the Laundry Voyages.  Talk about a clean, fresh start. I have old clothes that I'd set aside for the laundry just to perk them up a bit since they hadn't been worn in awhile. Honestly, I still have a few things that I wore in high school - 16 years ago. So, it's going to interesting to see if that stuff truly stands the test of time as I suspected it would.