Sunday, October 25, 2015



Mira by fabulousree featuring Bershka

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn Audacious

Autumn Audacious

Autumn Audacious by fabulousree featuring a chain necklace

Autumn Audacious is womanly and sophisticated. You can't wear club clothes all of the time, especially if you are working that 9 to 5. It's for the bold and confident - a classic that defies all trends.

Glamorous long sleeve shirt
$36 -

Short skirt

Pedro García leather shoes

Dasein purple purse

Michael Kors ring

H M ring
$12 -

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Prrfect Blush

Prrfect Blush

Benetton top
$15 -

White jeans

UGG Australia high top shoes

Playful as a kitten, this sweater is just so adorable annnnd it's $15!  This is just too cute! Comfy and very feminine, what better to compliment it than a pair of lacy jeans. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Scentbird's scent of the month: CLEAN CASHMERE.

     CLEAN CASHMERE is Scentbird's scent of the month. Jasmine and musk based perfumes are my favorite scents and CLEAN CASHMERE has both.  My favorite fragrance subscription box company could not be more on point with this scent! Other main notes that are in this fragrance are guaiac wood, sandalwood, and lime. It is truly a clean scent yet it has the luxuriousness of cashmere on a crisp fall day. According to Patricia Choux, creator of this decadent scent, "CLEAN CASHMERE embodies the soothing and warming sensation of being all wrapped up in the most precious cashmere. Clean Cashmere radiates an intriguing yet a completely comforting mood."

     Representing this month's scent of CLEAN CASHMERE, is youtube vlogger Samantha Schuerman. She chose CLEAN CASHMERE ( Thank you Samantha! ) and her beautiful face is gracing the information card for the scent. Like me, Samantha coordinates her fragrance with her outfit. So, I would definitely pair this with a creamy, pastel sweater or sweater dress. For more information about Scentbird please visit, To see Samantha's review of Scentbird and CLEAN CASHMERE, please checkout her video below:


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A little birdie told me about Scentbird

        Hey Y'all! I know it's been a while since I have blogged.  However, I have found something that I am really excited to blog about - Scentbird! It is a perfume and cologne subscription box company that,  $14.95 a month,  lets you choose a 30-day supply of perfume from a selection of fabulous fragrances by designers such as Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo,  Lancome, and Marc Jacobs.  You can select the same fragrance each month or choose a different one each month.

I will be glad to get my first order - Michael Kors' Glam Jasmine.  With jasmine, cassis, white flowers, and sandalwood as its main notes, it has so many elements that I love in a perfume.  The fragrance also has  great reviews by other scentbird customers. When I get Glam Jasmine,  I am defintely doing a review for it! If you are interested Scentbird, please visit  To see a few Youtuber reviews of Scentbird, please checkout the following videos by NaturalMe4C, True Unfading Beauty, The Gabe Fix, and Shaaanxo listed below:

Smelling Delicious w/ Scentbird! - What Scent Did I Choose? ;) - NaturalMe4C - 4C Natural Hair


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