Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Passion of Patrice Murciano

Patrice Murciano has been one of my favorite artists since 2001. He is a Parisian artist who works are both sensual and liberating. He takes you into his mind and guides you on a tour of the his experience of the world. He the beauty of women in all forms. Abstractly and realistically, his work is an awakening. His use of bold and vibrant colors allows the eye indulges the mind. I refer to him as the painter of lips and all attributes lush. Yes, I have a bias towards his paintings, because I love to see full luscious lips. Lips have been a main point of focus in many of his works. Lips, along with many parts displays his appreciation and ability to capture the beauty in each of our parts. The sum total of them depicted in his works are a reconstitution that expresses the beauty of the whole essence. To talk about his work is one thing, but to experience it is another. Courbisme is the first experience that I'd had with Murciano's work. After creating my Facebook account, I made it a point to add him to my LIKES. On this account, my favorite album of his is Artificial Girls. It speaks to me because I love rpg games and virtual world games such IMVU and Second Life. After I saw this collection, I knew that his style spoke to truly my tastes, because I created artwork of this nature about two years ago. However, of course, his work is way better than mine,lol. His collection collection is beautiful.

He is art is freedom. To see more of his work, please visit

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dale Chihuly - The Evolution of Glass

I have many interests. However, my biggest interest is art in it's many forms. Aside from the internet, my favorite place to get my fix for Art is PBS's Create channel (Digital Channel 27.3 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana). One night when I watching flipping through channels, I went directly to my favorite - LPB 27.3. My eyes were transfixed as they beheld the most beautiful glad sculptures that I'd ever seen in my life. I watched anxiously as I was waiting on someone to say the name of the artist. The artist himself was there, but the tone of the documentary was relaxed, so it was all natural. Finally, the artist's name was revealed - Dale Chihuly. I'd never seen such abstract, lush, and vibrate sculptures. Its was an illumination of the visual senses. His artworks are pure ecstasy. A few of my favorite pieces are:

Translucent Emerald Putti Venetian, 1993

Deep Ocean Green Piccolo Venetian, 1998

Pink and Opal Seaform,1982

Sky Blue Basket Set with Cobalt Lip Wraps, 1992

Guilded Emerald Sealife with Putti Blowfish,2002

Pair of Golden Polyps on Guilded Black Base, 1998

His works are are delicate, elegant and busting with color - I love it. His artwork is a total treat for the senses. To learn more about Chihuly, I beg you to visit his website, Also, the wonderful documentary that I watch was called Chihuly in the Hotshop.

Kick my heels up and Shhhhhhhhh

Ahh, when you have a good idea, you want to keep it a secret and blab to the world at the same time. I reaaaaaaaaaaaally want to share my characters with you all, but I need to get them copyrighted first.This is so hard. I have a big mouth sometimes and it is hard to sit on a secret,LOL. It's even affecting my blogging, because now I want to talk about my characters and their story development in detail. I know that fashion is my main focus, but I am a multifaceted person. In the meantime, I'll be reviewing the works of others.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Into the Abyss of Action

In addition to Dave's Polymer Clay Figure site, I have discovered Alfred Wong's Starship Modeler website in which he discusses how he sculpts female figures. My big question is whether it's better to create molds for casting or just sculpt them?

Friday, February 4, 2011

I did my thing in actionnnnn yeaaaah!

I've decided that I will try my hand at making action figures. Lately, I have been so busy that I have not been doing that which makes me happy - creating. So, action figures and sewing are go! So far I have been researching methods and materials for making action figures. So, far I have found that polymer clay is the the standard material. I am so glad that I took sculpture and ceramics in college. I also took ceramics, calligraphy, and elements of design in high school.

Online, I've searched for videos on YouTube, but couldn't find a step by step tutorial. I started to procrastinate about continuing my search, but I tried another internet search and I found Dave's Polymer Clay Figure site! After reading about his techniques, I felt invigorated! As Truth Hurts sang, "I think I'm Ready now."